3rd Eastern Passage 2008-2009 Star Tracker

Our goal at 3EP this year is completing Red Star and Green Star. Let's see how we are doing…

Green Star A
(any 5):
A1 A2 A3: Sep 29, Nov 17 A4 Mar 7 A5: Jan 12, Mar 7 A6 A7 Mar 7 A8: Nov 2 A9: Nov 24 A10 Mar 7
Green Star B
(any 3):
B1: Oct 6, Nov 2, Mar 7 B2 Mar 7 B3 B4: Nov 2 B5 B6: Nov 1
Red Star A (any 5): A1: Feb. 2 A2 A3 A4 Feb. 9 onward A5 A6 A7: Oct 7 A8 Mar 9 A9 A10 Mar 9
Red Star B (any 2): B1 June 1 B2 June 1 B3 Apr 18

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