This pilot site was created by Steve Matheson, a Scouts Canada leader ("Scouter") and Section Leader for Cubs ("Akela") for 3rd Eastern Passage Cubs Pack in Nova Scotia.

Building on the work of others, the initial material was taken from 1st Port Moody Scout Group - Cub Badge Requirements. The site was inspired by 3rd Ottawa – Cub Badge Requirements, who site with badge hyperlinks was been used as a planning aid for years. Images and content have also been taken from Scouts Canada and 2nd St. Albert Scout Group. Several links have been take from Carleton Area Scouting - Old Wolves Club and other sites.

The Outcomes section of each Cub badge was taken from MEASURING SUCCESS - THE SCOUTING WAY.

The crests garphics were adapted from many sources, mostly from the Scout Shop and e-Patches and Crests web sites.

Thanks to everyone!

Please note that this is a pilot site intended to help Scouters leading programs within Scouts Canada and is not officially endorsed or maintained by Scouts Canada.

This site has been replaced with an official Scouts Canada Wiki site!. Please check it out!

Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License