Advanced Wood Badge

Advanced Wood Badge Program Planning and Delivery

In Scouts Canada's Advanced Wood Badge development program, leaders develop competencies in the following three subject areas:

  • Advanced Program Delivery
  • Advanced Leadership Skills
  • Advanced Outdoor Skills

Advanced Wood Badge Outcomes

Upon completion of the Advanced program, leaders develop skills and knowledge related to the concept of "Learning by Doing," and can demonstrate this knowledge in teaching their youth. They learn excellent inter personal communication techniques, develop skills in motivating youth, and learn how to reinforce positive behaviour. They also develop knowledge and skills in dealing with any inappropriate behaviour.

Leaders develop positive attitudes, skills and knowledge of Scouting's values, as outlined in Scouting's Mission, Principles, Practises, Promise and Law.

The Advanced program also develops superior problem-solving, decision-making, leadership and organizational skills, including: performance evaluation, managing conflicts, and situational leadership styles.

Leaders also develop superior outdoor skills; taking leaders to the next level, and incorporating the "No-Trace" ethic to make sure all outdoor activities have a positive effect on the environment.

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