Athlete Badge


By doing their best in various physical activities, Cubs develop knowledge and skills about health and personal fitness, including the importance of diet, sleep and physical activity.1


To earn the Athlete Badge, complete the following requirements:

  1. Show the proper way to sit, stand, walk, and run. Learn how to take your pulse rate before and after exercise. (Red Star A6)
  2. Explain to an adult and your six the importance of diet, sleep, and exercise to the development of your body.
  3. Take part in an ongoing personal fitness program. Explain the importance of warm-up and cool down exercises. (Red Star A2)
  4. Demonstrate your best in any seven (7) of the following:
    • (a) a 50 metre run
    • (b) a 200 metre run
    • (c) a running high jump
    • (d) a running long jump
    • (e) a standing long jump
    • (f) sit-ups
    • (g) push-ups
    • (h) a rope or pole climb
    • (i) a baseball or frisbee throw
    • (j) a long distance run
    • (k) rope skipping

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