Camping Badge


By participating in a number of overnight camps, Cubs develop basic camping knowledge and skills and can, under adult supervision, camp safely overnight.1


To earn the Camping Badge, complete the following requirements

  1. Do one of the following:
    • (a) Complete 4 days of family camping (they don't need to be all together)
    • (b) Take part in two Cub camps
  2. Make a list of some safety and hygiene rules for camping and discuss these with your leader.
  3. Make a list of personal camping gear needed for sleeping, eating, clothing and first aid at an overnight camp. Discuss this list with your leader.
  4. Describe what to do if lost.
  5. In any season, do any 5 of the following:
    • (a) Put up and take down a simple shelter or tent
    • (b) Cook a simple meal over an open fire or portable stove
    • (c) Show how to use a compass
    • (d) Help in doing two different camp chores or duties
    • (e) Show how to properly dispose of camp garbage or waste while camping
    • (f) Show how to purify drinking water at camp
    • (g) Using appropriate knots, erect a pole or line on which hang your gear
    • (h) Show how to keep food safe from insects and animals
    • (i) Show how to safely handle a pocket knife or camp saw
  6. Be aware of and explain no-trace camping.

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