Canada And The World - Purple Star


To provide opportunities for Cubs to understand better how to actively participate in Canadian society and the world we live in. The Canada and the World Activity area stresses four goals:

  • To learn about and appreciate Canadian society through active participation in community service projects.
  • To discover and learn about their own faith and various world religions.
  • To participate in programs which highlight people and their cultures.
  • To demonstrate the interrelationships Canadians have with people from other countries.


The Purple star provides a variety of basic and simple introductory activities for children with online limited experience exploring and learning about Canada's rich heritage and land, and the role Canadians play in the world. Living in a pluralistic, multi-cultural democracy involves understanding other peoples points of view and beliefs. As well, participation in community service projects raises awareness of the quality of life Canadians enjoy.


The Canada and the World Badges are designed to provide a variety of activities which demonstrate the breadth and depth of Canadian Society.

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