Canadian Camper Award

Like all awards, this one may be transferred to the Scout sash, after the Cub has moved up to Troop.


Individually or as part of a team, Cubs develop a broad and higher level of skill and knowledge relating to the outdoors and camping.1


To earn the Canadian Camper Award, complete the following requirements:

  1. Earn the Green Star
  2. Earn the First Aider Badge.
  3. Earn the Camping Badge.
  4. Participate in at least three Cub camps.
  5. With a buddy and help from your leader, choose a campsite and complete the following:
    • (a) Set up a shelter of your own design or a tent. Weather permitting, spend a whole night sleeping in your shelter
    • (b) Where permitted, build a fire and boil a cup of water
    • (c) Scout the area and discover what you can about the terrain, kinds of plants and habits of local wildlife
    • (d) Locate the direction of North and predict possible changes in weather
  6. Help show other Cubs how to do a camping skill of your choice.
  7. Where possible, visit a Scout troop camp and learn about their camping program.

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