Canadian Healthy Living Award


Individually or as part of a team, Cubs develop a broad and higher level of skill and knowledge relating to health and personal fitness.1


To earn the Canadian Healthy Living Award, complete the following requirements:

  1. Earn the Red Star
  2. Earn one of the Health and Fitness related badges. (Athlete Badge) (Cyclist Badge) (Skater Badge) (Skier Badge) (Snowboarder Badge) (Swimmer Badge) or (Team Player Badge)
  3. Earn two of the Outdoor Activity related badges. (Camping Badge) (Cooking Badge) (Fishing Badge) (Hiking Badge) (Trailcraft Badge) (Watercraft Badge) and (Winter Cubbing Badge)
  4. Participate in a hike-a-thon, bike-a-thon, road relay, special runs or someone other activity that creates public awareness for being fit and healthy.
  5. Create a display or participate in a program based on some of the Olympic sports.
  6. Research and report on a Canadian outdoor person or sports figure who has made significant contributions to Canada or the world.
  7. Help show other Cubs how to safely participate in a physical activity of your choice.

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