Canadian Wilderness Award

By developing necessary background skills and experience through prerequisite star and badge work, the award provides opportunities to apply this knowledge to real life issues (e.g. protecting land for parks and working on a conservation project). By requiring the youth to teach other Cubs about nature, the award also provides leadership-building opportunities. This award links to the Scout Voyageur level Outdoor Skill Award, and may be transferred to the Scout sash.


Individually or as part of a team, Cubs develop and demonstrate a broad and higher skill and knowledge level to responsibly enjoy and protect the natural environment.1


To earn the Canadian Wilderness Award, complete the following requirements:

  1. Earn the Black Star
  2. Earn the World Conservation Badge
  3. Earn one other Natural World related badge. (Astronomer Badge, Gardener Badge, Naturalist Badge, Observer Badge, Recycling Badge)
  4. Learn about and, if possible, visit a Provincial or National Park or Wilderness Area. Create a report or display that highlights the reasons why the park is there and some problems facing the park.
  5. Participate in a conservation project which improves a local park, sanctuary, refuge or other wilderness area.
  6. Help show other Cubs some aspect of nature study of your choice.

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