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Scouts Canada Computer Badge Cub Book Page, revised 2001


Cubs learn computer knowledge and skills, with an emphasis on using computers productively and safely.1


  1. From the following list, identify three input devices, three output devices, two storage devices and one processing device. Briefly explain the function of each:
    • CPU (central processing unit), Monitor, CD-ROM, RAM, Keyboard, Tape drive, ROM, Hard drive, Scanner, Printer, Mouse, Digital camera, Disk drive, Joy stick, Speakers, Floppy disk, Modem
  2. Explain how to care for a computer and disks.
  3. Do either (a) or (b):
    • (a) List ten uses of computers in your home and/or school.
    • (b) Explain how computers are used in entertainment, education and business or visit a local business, community service or research organization that uses computers, and report on how they use computers in their activities. (Do no use video arcades.)
  4. The World Wide Web:
    • (a) Briefly explain what the World wide Web is.
    • (b) Using the World Wide Web with an adult, find a site that has information about a Cub badge or award. If you believe that other Cubs would benefit from this information, e-mail the URL to ac.stuocs|margorp#ac.stuocs|margorp
  5. Explain the function of five commands in any computer application.
  6. Explain to a person who has never used a computer before how to start a computer, open an application, save work, shut down a program and turn off a computer.
  7. Do either (a) or (b):
    • (a) Write a story or report using word processing, doing all the revisions on a computer. Print the first draft and final revision. Explain how you made revisions.
    • (b) Using a computer, design a new Cub badge or camp crest. You may not use clip art.

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