Cooking Challenge Badge


Show an interest in planning and cooking nutritious meals.


    1. Demonstrate a knowledge of the food groups as outlined in the Canada Food Guide.
    2. Give examples of foods in each food group, including information on the energy and nutritional values and their effects on the body.
    3. Explain the importance of three balanced meals a day, as well as the body's daily need for fluid intake.
  1. Demonstrate a knowledge of appropriate hygiene practices associated with meal preparation and after meal clean-up.
  2. Prepare a menu for your Patrol for a weekend camp. Discuss with your Patrol the reasons for your menu choices, such as nutritional values, ease of preparation, variety, transportation.
  3. Demonstrate a knowledge of safety requirements associated with cooking appliances and food storage, used both in the home and the out-of-doors.
  4. Prepare a menu and cook a meal for your patrol, out-of-doors.
  5. Prepare a menu and cook a meal for your family, at home.

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