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To Cubs to creatively explore and express themselves through activities which use imagination and innovation. The Creative Expression Activity Area has four goals:

  • To develop a creative outlet for youth interests through the use of music, arts and crafts in the Cub program.
  • To enhance youth awareness how they can use modern technology for creative expression.
  • To stimulate and foster Cub literacy through activities which promote or require reading skills.
  • To provide opportunities for Cubs to pursue a project from start to fininah, thereby producing a sense of accomplishment.

The Creative Expression Activity Area is designed to help Cubs become creative thinkers through a variety of activities that promote innovative self-expression. The Activity areas comprises the Tawny Star, Creative Expression Badges, and the Canadian Arts Award.


The Tawny Star provides simple projects to simulate imagination for children with only limited experience with creatively solving problems. Too often adults give children pre-determined projects to work on; successful completion is judged by adults. The Tawny Star provides activities that leave the end product up to the Cub to decide.


These badges provide Cubs with a with a well-rounded learning experience in creative activities.

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