Cub Badge Slips

As as tool to help Cub leaders process badge testing, the Cub Badge Slip may be helpful.

What is the Cub Badge Slip?
A small slip of paper that help us track the Cubs badge work and helps the Cub understand what badge, star or award they have completed.

What is to be written on them?
The Cub’s name, the badge worked on and the page number in the Cub book (so we can find it quickly to do our testing and sign it completed).
Many badges have multiple sections of which the Cub need only complete a certain number. Please fill in which sections

When to pass them in?
Hand them in with dues to the Cub's Sixer at the beginning of each meeting.

Who can fill them in?
Any adult helping the Cub with their badge work. This can be a parent, step-parent, grandparent, guardian, coach, teacher, friend, older sibling, or whoever is helping the Cub with the badge work.

Why do this?
It is amazing how often Cubs can’t remember which badges they worked on, or which sections of a badge were completed. The slip serves as a good memory aid and tracker. The badge slip speeds testing along so that leaders can return their attention to the whole pack as soon as possible.

Do we still use the Cub Book?
Yes! This is the Cubs record of all work done and the testing leader will sign the badge page when the work is completed. Feel free to use the Cub Book as a work book and jot down any pertinent information about badge work completed in margins.

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