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Definitely recommended!

It's always good to get out into the community, as well.

Re: Home Depot by Steve MathesonSteve Matheson, 08 Mar 2010 19:18

Thanks Jim. I've added a Spirituality Award page.

Update: The URLs on the Scouts Canada web site have changed! The updated links are on the Spirituality Award page.

Re: Spirituality Award by Steve MathesonSteve Matheson, 08 Mar 2010 18:23

To make simple wooden projects contact your local Home Depot. They will supply the materials, tools, and instructor free of charge. Our group made small wooden fire station banks and small planter boxes.

Home Depot by Marie LawsonMarie Lawson, 03 Mar 2010 03:17

A great tour of the community radio station. Most did not even know we had a radio station in our neighborhood.

A quick 45 minute tour, looking at old records and getting to talk live on the air!
Nice to talk about all the different radios stations that the Cubs typically listen to and what this station does in the community.

Thanks, 105.9 Seaside FM!

Radio station tour! by Steve MathesonSteve Matheson, 17 Jan 2010 00:55

Our Pack did this as a group art project.

Note the artistic license with water droplets jumping from a helicopter.
(I'm not sure how to explain the aliens, which seem to be towing a van!)

We printed out the Chart reviewed the alphabet with Cubs. One had done something like and remembered a few of the letters, so he lead the demonstration. With a Chart in hand, each Cub was challenged to sign their name to a leader.

They were then given the Jokes and Riddles to decipher. Kept them busy (and quiet) for 20 minutes or so!

Great activity, recommended.

Thanks Jim. I was using a (c) 2004 Cub Book. Just checked one from (c) 2006 and there's the new #15. I wonder what else has changed between those publication dates?

15. Show that you can reduce your family's energy costs by turning off lights and electrical equipment that are not being used during a one week period.

In a pack like ours (only a few leaders) any help in planning is appreciated. (We are all busy and have a hard time getting together to plan.) The down side of using these JumpStarts is the false sense of "I don't need to prepare" it gave me. After a few minutes of panic to put things together, it went pretty well!

As with most JumpStarts, we found that we could not get all the material covered. Perhaps our 90 minute meeting is to blame, especially with the overhead of an opening, closing and Six inspection. Anyway, it is good to be able to choose which activities to do. (You could not PAY me enough to rap!)

We brought the parents in to stand behind their Cub during the week 3 game "Prepared" at closing. It was funny to see the Leaders (including me) fail a few of the prepareness questions and have to sit down with their Cubs. It showed that everyone was a somewhat prepared, but everyone could be a bit more prepared. I hope it was an eye-opener for the parents! A good wrap-up.

Thoughts for future JumpStarts: Explicitly start which activities tie directly to a badge or award requirement.

You got it Jim! Keeo

Feel free to add pages or edit any already here at any time!

Re: Keeo by Steve MathesonSteve Matheson, 29 May 2009 23:16

Add an entry for Keeo's as a role for a cub in a pack/colony. We invest our Keeo at the same time as the Sixers, seconds and all new cubs.

The Keeo is part of the leadership team that is the liason between Cubs and Beavers. He/she is an older Cub that attends planning sessions, and participates in colony meetings. If the Beaver leaders agree they can help with games and show Cub skills.

In the story Friends of the Forest, Keeo is the biggest beaver in the pond. One day during a storm, he is struck by a bolt of lightning which turns him into a silver beaver. He finds he is able to talk in human language and the other beavers decide it is up to Keeo to talk to their human friends on behalf of all beavers.

In the colony, Keeo wears his Cub uniform with a silver scarf that has on its back the Keeo crest, the symbol of his connection with the beaver program.

Keeo by Jim PattersonJim Patterson, 29 May 2009 18:16

Hi, Here are links to the Spirituality Award. There is some info on the Scouts canada website but no picture of the Award. It is a compliment to the religion in life emblem. Came out in June 08 but not well known.


Spirituality Award by Jim PattersonJim Patterson, 29 May 2009 16:53

After examining the Pack records, I found that most Cubs were only one "requirement" from earning Trailcraft… 1 (c).

So we brought aluminum foil to the next outing. Each Cub compressed the snow in one area and made a boot imprint.

Thank you Scouter Jim for cleaning up all those foil footprints we left in the cabin.

"Take only memories, leave nothing but footprints."
I don't think that's what Chief Seattle had in mind.


We used a collection of old coffee tin and some sort of baling wire to let let each Cub fashion a pot as their camp gadgets.
We used the Cub Book Cooking Pot Gadget instructions, which I think was a great success!

(Bagheera, use gloves or you'll burn yourself!)

We then heated the water to let each one make a cup of soup and then a cup of hot chocolate.
(Mmmmm…. everything tastes better in the woods!)

Remember, Scouters don't cheat… but we sometimes do things to ensure success. In this case we used preheated water in the pots to help bring things to a boil faster on this cold, late winter day!

Coffee can pots... fun! by Steve MathesonSteve Matheson, 03 Apr 2009 19:10

Dead link. Has the Computer badge changed since 2001? Please let us know!

The Cubs loved the Kub Kar Bowling!

Unfortunately, we weren't able to have a full evening of Kub Kar events. This was so much fun though, and they enjoyed it so much, we will have to try it next year!

For 4-6 meetings we will start with warmup exercises as a group. In a circle, each cub will suggest a movement that we will all follow. Everyone will have a chance to lead the group. Its fun and a good workout for the leaders too.

Red Star fitness program by Jim PattersonJim Patterson, 12 Nov 2008 20:52

A suggestion for camp gadget is The Weather Rock. []

Collect the 3 sticks during a hike thru the woods and a small rock. Lashing & knots are used to assemble the pieces. Have the cubs write out on a card their favorite prediction.


Camp Gadget by Jim PattersonJim Patterson, 12 Nov 2008 20:45

We just split our pack into the four sixes and had each one plan a separate meal for an upcoming camp.
Chil provided each with a list of suggested items from each food group, using Cub Book pages 170-171 as a guide. They each presented three choices and the leaders will shop based on these based on cost, availability, practicality and Pack feedback when the choices were read aloud at closing.

This surprisingly was well thought out exercise and a great experiment in six leadership.

I'm pleased with how it went.

Pack camp menu planning by Steve MathesonSteve Matheson, 21 Oct 2008 13:36
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