Game - Hunt The Penny
Short description
Put a penny at your feet, after a couple compass orientations and steps you should find yourself back at the penny.
A compass and a penny (each)
From 5 minutes to 10 minutes (each)
Camping Badge #5c
Leader Magazine
Place a penny on the ground at the individual's feet. Have them set their compass at 60 degrees and turn facing that bearing. Get then to walk ten paces, stop, then add 120 degrees to their present bearing. (It should now read 180 degrees.) They must walk ten paces along this bearing, stop, and add 120 degrees once again. (Making 300 degrees.) Have them walk ten more paces again and they should arrive back at their penny. If they didn't, it means that they either didn't walk the correct compass bearings or their paces were not uniform.

Additional information:

From Scouts Canada Program Builder Online - Hunt the Penny.

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