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This badge's requirements help Cubs develop and demonstrate knowledge of their local community and its services and institutions. This allows them to practically assist people unfamiliar with the area.1


  1. Show that you can politely give clear, simple directions to someone asking his or her way. Describe what you would do if a stranger offered you a ride of asked you to come along to show him or her how to get to a place.
  2. Describe how to call for fire fighters, police or ambulance.
  3. Show on a map the route of your local bus, or school bus or a direct route from your home to the centre of your community.
  4. Describe how to get to the main highways around your community.
  5. Describe or point out on a map the location of as many of the following as are found in your community:
    • (a) nearest mail box or post office
    • (b) police station
    • (c) hospital/doctor
    • (d) school
    • (e) drug store
    • (f) public telephone
    • (g) fire station or alarm box
    • (h) railway or bus station
    • (i) gas station
    • (j) hotel or motel
    • (k) block parent

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Program Suggestions




  • Bring maps (road, transit, Google map print-outs, etc.) to a meeting and discuss where things are in the neighbourhood.
  • Print out a map sheet and get Cubs to draw in key features, including where they live. (See 3rd Eastern Passage sheet as an example.)

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