Health And Fitness - Red Star


To encourage Cubs to lead active and healthy lives, and to have a positive image of themselves. The Health and Fitness Activity Area has five goals:

  • To encourage Cubs to have healthy lifestyle attitudes through developing active living habits.
  • To promote the positive benefits of being involved in physical activities.
  • To educate Cubs about health risks associated with tobacco products have on the environment.
  • To educate Cubs about health risks associated with drug and alcohol abuse.
  • To encourage good hygiene habits for maintaining personal health and promoting self-reliance.

The Health and Fitness Activity Areas not only provides an outlet for Cub energies, but also shows the benefits of leading active lives. The Activity areas comprises the Red Star, Health and Fitness Badges and the Canadian Healthy Living Award.


The Red Star provides a variety of basic Health and safety activities for children with only limited exposure to common sports, and a little knowledge of good health habits. A healthy Cub will more easily develop a good self-image. Learning how to take care of themselves gives children a positive feeling of responsibility . It also gives the necessary self-confidence they need to stand up to peer pressure for health actions that may hurt their bodies. Being healthy and active is an important lifestyle habit, which when started young, will stay with them until their adult lives.


The Health and Fitness badges reflect common sporting activities most 8 to 10 year olds enjoy.

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