Heritage Challenge Badge


To explore a Scout's heritage.


  1. Show that you know where to find information about the heritage of your community by explaining:
    1. primary and secondary sources;
    2. oral and written sources; and
    3. the use of materials in archives, museums, and libraries.
    4. Carry out one of the projects suggested below and make an oral, written, or scrapbook presentation to your Troop.
      1. Construct a family tree showing at least five generations.
      2. Give a report on the origins of your community or neighbourhood; and
      3. In a rural area, make a study of at least 30 early gravestones in the local cemetery. Give a presentation on these former residents and how they contributed to the area.
    5. Outline the history of the World Scout Movement from its beginning, with special emphasis on the contribution of its founder; and
    6. Give a brief history of your own Scout troop and district.
    7. Choose a historic building, place, monument, park, structure, or organization in your area and give a report on its history and importance.
    8. Research and make a presentation on the history and legends of the native people in your area OR on their present-day life.

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