Hiking Badge


Cubs develop basic hiking knowledge and skills and demonstrate appropriate conservation practices.1


To earn the Hiking Badge, complete the following requirements:

  1. Know how to take care of your feet for everyday walking, through washing, toenail clipping, wearing clean, dry socks and having proper fitting shoes.
  2. Know how to treat a blister on the foot, insect bites, hypothermia, overheating and discuss the importance of getting adequate rest while hiking.
  3. Discuss some safety rules for hiking, such as:
    • (a) staying with the group and using a buddy system
    • (b) keeping to designated trails
    • (c) keeping the group together
    • (d) having enough drinking water and food
    • (e) carrying a first aid kit, whistle and spare clothes
  4. Describe what to do if lost.
  5. Know some rules for protecting nature when hiking.
  6. Go on four hikes of one to two hours long, some of which could be in a conservation area or park, around your camp, around your community, or at night.
  7. Prepare a nutritional trail mix to eat and share.

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