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Through "learning by doing," Cubs learn basic skills and knowledge of simple home repairs, such as replacing a light bulb or tap washer.1


With the help of an adult, do any seven (7) of the following:

  1. Show how to turn on and off the electric power supply and the water supply in your home. Explain how to turn off the gas supply if your home uses gas.
  2. Replace a light bulb in a socket.
  3. Replace a tap washer.
  4. Lubricate a door hinge and/or lock.
  5. Finish a wood surface and stain.
  6. Properly prepare and paint a piece of wood or metal.
  7. Help keep work areas, such as garage or basement, clean and tidy for one month.
  8. Re-sod or reseed a worn out part of a lawn.
  9. Tell or show how to clear a stopped up sink or toilet.
  10. Replace a doorknob or install any kind of door or window lock.

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