Musician Badge


This badge helps Cubs develop basic knowledge and skills in singing or playing an instrument.1


  1. Identify the notes of the staff and the values of notes and rest signs.
  2. Explain the meaning of piano, forte, moderato, staccato, largo, pianissimo, fortissimo.
  3. Do three of the following:
    • (a) Play a simple tune on a recognized instrument
    • (b) Demonstrate ability with a rhythm instrument such as castanets, drum, etc.
    • (c) Sing a major scale ascending and descending, and the three notes of a major and minor triad
    • (d) Tap or clap the rhythm of a four-bar phrase previously played by an adult
    • (e) Sing a short solo
    • (f) Be a member of a recognized choir, band or ensemble

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Program Suggestions

Does any know of a good web site that, in simple terms, explains the terms in part 2?

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