Naturalist Badge


The requirements this badge helps Cubs increase their awareness and knowledge of flora and fauna. This knowledge contributes to an increased concern and awareness of environmental issues.1


Do any six of the following:

  1. Find different kinds of seeds that travel by "helicopter", "parachute", "sling shot", as a "hitchhiker", or by "animal express". Discuss how seeds are dispersed.
  2. With the help of an adult, dye a piece of cloth or T-shirt using plants to make the colour.
  3. Make a plaster cast or take a picture of an animal track.
  4. Show at least three different ways animals camouflage themselves.
  5. Show at least three different ways animals survive the Canadian winter.
  6. Show at least three examples of how plants and animals protect themselves from weather or predators.
  7. Take a hike through an urban community to look for nature.
  8. Observe any wild animal and report on what you learned from its behaviour.
  9. Find examples in books or real life and tell how plants and animals attract or repel others using colour and smell.
  10. Describe or draw some ways animals capture or eat food.

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