Observer Badge


The requirements this badge help Cubs increase their awareness and knowledge of flora and fauna. This knowledge contributes to an increased concern and awareness of environmental issues.1


Do any five of the following:

  1. Recognize, point out (from life rather than a book where possible), and describe some of the habits of six animals.
  2. Recognize, point out (from life where possible), and describe some of the habits of six birds. (Black Star A8) (Black Star B2) (World Conservation Badge 6a) (Winter Cubbing Badge 3)
  3. Recognize and imitate three bird calls.
  4. Recognize and point out from life six spring, six summer, or six autumn wild flowers.
  5. Recognize, observe and report the habits of six insects. (Gardener Badge 3e)
  6. Recognize and point out from life six trees or shrubs and describe some of their uses.
  7. Recognize and point out four features of the night sky such as stars, constellations, planets, etc. (Black Star A11) (Astronomer) (Green Star B03) (Winter Cubbing Badge 4) (Canadian Camper Award 5d)
  8. Describe the signs for different types of weather. (Black Star A10) (Green Star A6) (Canadian Camper Award 5d)
  9. Recognize and point out six different kinds of rocks or minerals.
  10. Recognize four different animal tracks or animal signs.

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