Pathfinder Leadership Award


Scouts develop additional leadership attitudes, knowledge and skills to help them positively and actively contribute as members of their local and national communities.1


  1. Research a local or world leader. Lead a ten-minute discussion about this leader (including the leadership role he or she played) in your patrol or troop.
  2. Plan and participate in leading an all-day outdoor activity for your patrol. Evaluate the event with your patrol at the end of the activity.
  3. Using a patrol meeting, plan and conduct a troop camping trip lasting at least forty-eight hours. A detailed plan will be developed showing the steps necessary to have a successful venture. Evaluate the event with your Patrol at the end of the activity.
  4. Teach a basic level skill to a Scout working at the Pioneer or Voyager level skills. At the end of your activity the Scout must successfully demonstrate good knowledge of the subject.
  5. Provide a leadership role to another group (Cubs, church, sports, etc.). Discuss your experience with your patrol leader and/or Scouter.

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