Pioneering Challenge Badge


This Badge recognizes the ability of a Scout in the area of pioneering. The ability goes beyond the basic knowledge of knots and lashing to the point that the Scout can create useful and creative items using easily obtained wooden poles and rope (cord, string, etc.)


  1. Demonstrate the ability to tie the three (3) knots not covered during the Voyageur Requirements. Know the uses of the knots in a pioneering setting. (i.e. clove hitch for beginning and ending a lashing)
  2. Prepare a demonstration illustrating square lashing, diagonal and tripod lashing and indicate the uses of each.
  3. In a field setting and using only wooden poles and ropes (or other bindings), the Scout will construct any two of the following:
    1. a bridge type project
    2. a camp gate, free standing flag pole or other useful item
    3. an entertainment type project (turnstile, swing, etc.)

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