Skier Badge


Cubs learn basic cross-country and/or downhill skiing or snowboarding knowledge and skills, with an emphasis on safety and the Alpine Responsibility Code.1


To earn the Skier Badge, complete the following requirements:

  1. Show how to carry poles and skis properly.
  2. Show how to care for your equipment properly, including how to store it off-season.
  3. Explain some rules for safety when skiing. (Red Star A5)
  4. Put on your own skis and adjust the bindings properly.
  5. Climb a hill using side-step, traverse and herringbone.
  6. Snowplow straight down a hill in complete control.
  7. Do right and left linked snowplow turns.
  8. Describe how to get help in case of a skiing accident.
  9. Explain how to dress for various types of weather.
  10. Do either (a) or (b):
    • (a) Show the safe use of a rope tow, T-Bar or chair lift
    • (b) Describe the emergency equipment and supplies you should carry on a cross-country ski

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