Space Challenge Badge


Show an interest in the space sciences.


  1. Part A - Knowledge:
    1. Learn about the make-up of the universe including:
      1. Its composition
      2. Solar system
      3. The sun
      4. The earth
      5. Space radiation
    2. Describe the principles associated with rocket propulsion.
    3. Demonstrate knowledge of the different types of space vehicles.
    4. Creatively describe the following:
      1. Kepler's Law (Kepler's Laws with animation)
      2. Newton's Law (Newton's Laws: Force Info)
      3. How an orbit works (How Orbits Work)
      4. The types of orbits (Types of Orbits)
    5. Understand basic satellite designs.
    6. Describe the major moments in Canadian space history.
  2. Part B - Proficiency:
    1. Make a list of the different ways in which we utilize space today.
    2. Design a rocket or satellite, and explain its parts. Part C -Initiative
    3. Visit an agency associated with space exploration. (e.g. museum, web site).
    4. Describe, including the educational requirements needed, four jobs related to the space industry.

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