The Cub Book

The Cub Book is the essential guide that every Cub (and Cub Leader) should have as they go through the program. It is much more than a list of badge requirements, filled with several related activities and useful information. Use it as a workbook and write in it as you do activities and complete badge sections! It also comes with a badge tracker poster with stickers.

A must-have for each Cub. Excerpts are provided here only for the purpose of reference.

(Below are links to either scanned from The Cub Book (c) 2008, links to corresponding Scouter Wiki or external links where appropriate.)

Chapter 1: Wolf Cubs in the Jungle

Chapter 2: How to Become a Wolf Cub

Chapter 3: How Scouting and Cubbing Began

Chapter 4: The Natural World Activity Area

Chapter 5: The Outdoors Activity Area

Chapter 6: The Creative Expression Activity Area

Chapter 7: The Health and Fitness Activity Area

Chapter 8: The Home and Community Activity Area

Chapter 9: Canada and the World Activity Area

Chapter 10: Wolf Cub Specialty Badges

Chapter 11: Climate Change Challenge Crest

Chapter 12: Helping Other Cubs

Chapter 13: On to Scouts

Chapter 14: My Wolf Cub Record

  • 278-281

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