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To create a feeling of care and concern for the natural world and an interest in nature study. The Natural World Activity Area has four goals

  • To provide practical environmental activities that explore the wonders of nature
  • To develop an understanding that all life requires food, water, shelter and space.
  • To explore and develop an understanding of the positive and negative impacts people have on the environment.
  • To give ideas how to help the environment in everyday life situations.

The Natural World Activity Areas is geared to discovering nature from the perspective of an 8 to 10 year old. The Activity Area comprises the Black Star, Natural World Badges and the Canadian Wilderness Award.


The Black Star provides a variety of basic and simple introductory activities for children with only limited exposure to hands-on, nature, educational projects. Through nature hikes and visits, making collections or other useful activities, Cubs can begin to understand how nature works and their place in the environment. Early positive experiences will help children care for nature; it will also provide skills and interest enabling the Cub to further explore the variety of nature subjects found in the Natural World Badges.


These badges take a "family" approach; they all relate to each other by providing outdoor education experiences which develop nature awareness in Cubs. The Observer Badge involves learning how to observe, recognize and interpret what Cubs see. By developing a keen eye, youth will begin to discover what nature is lying all around them.

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