Trailcraft Badge


Planning is the key to safe outdoor activities. Cubs develop outdoor safety knowledge and skills, including proper preparations and planning for outdoor activities and basic survival skills.1


To earn the Trailcraft Badge, complete the following requirements:

  1. In preparing for a trip, know how to do the following:
    • (a) Tell an adult where you are going and include arrival time, route and any phone numbers
    • (b) Wear clothes and shoes suitable for where you will be and the weather
    • (c) Make a "footprint" by placing a sheet of tinfoil on a towel and then stepping on it with your shoes on. Mark the foil with your name and leave with an adult so searchers can identify your footprint if needed
    • (d) Understand and use the buddy system when on trips
    • (e) List some rules for preventing getting lost, such as staying on trails and with your group
  2. Discuss and demonstrate how to do the following if lost
    • (a) Stay calm and slow down to save energy and body heat
    • (b) Keep your head and body warm and dry to avoid hypothermia
    • (c) Find a friendly place near a clearing and stay put to help searchers find you
    • (d) Make a survival shelter or bed to keep off the cold ground and stay dry.
    • (e) Avoid eating strange berries and drinking unpurified water
    • (f) Put out something bright for people to see
    • (g) Make a pattern of three signals
    • (h) Look big to airplanes by lying down in a clearing and wearing bright clothing or a coloured garbage bag
    • (i) How to be careful around bodies of water
    • (j) Yell back at any scary night noises
  3. Make a survival/first aid kit that includes among the items a high energy snack, several brightly coloured garbage bags, reflector or hand mirror and a whistle.

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