Voyageur Leadership Award


This badge helps Scouts assume positive and active roles within their local community by developing their leadership attitudes, knowledge and skills.1


  1. Show your ability to be a contributing member of a group by planning and participating in a patrol/troop activity which meets a requirements of the Voyageur level - OUTDOOR SKILLS.
  2. Discuss the difference between a "boss" and a "leader" with your Court of Honour or Patrol in Council. Provide examples of each style through role play with your Patrol members.
  3. Select a person who has a leadership role in your community and discuss and evaluate their methods. In your own words, explain what makes this person a good leader. Examples of this person might include coaches, Scout leaders, teachers, and service club members.
  4. Describe the roles and responsibilities of the patrol leader, assistant patrol leader, activity leader and Scout leader.
  5. Help plan a skills or activity session for the troop, and evaluate how the session went.
  6. Discuss the function and purpose of the Court of Honour and patrol meeting.
  7. Develop and practice a home fire plan with your family. Discuss the successes and identify the shortcomings of your plan

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