Voyageur Personal Development Award


Scouts develop attitudes, knowledge and skills related to personal growth, including the spiritual, social, intellectual and physical aspects of life.1



  1. Lead an opening or closing spiritual activity in a troop setting, e.g. readings, prayer, graceā€¦
  2. Participate in the planning and conducting of a Scout's Own.
  3. Attend the faith service of your choice and/or participate in Troop Scout's Own.


  1. Record ways that you have used the Scout Promise and Law in your daily living, THEN
  2. Discuss with your Troop Scouter and members of your patrol what you have done over a one week period.
  3. Demonstrate the effects of peer pressure. Describe how peer pressure effects you.
  4. Participate in a discussion about the effects of alcohol, tobacco and drugs.


  1. Explain the importance of goal setting.
  2. Demonstrate setting personal goals including the steps that will be required in order to achieve your goal.
  3. Discuss your goals with your Scout leader and family.


  1. Show that you understand the following aspects of personal health and hygiene, as they pertain to a camping environment: i) care of skin, hair and nails ii) care of eyes, ears and teeth iii) proper amount of sleep iv) function of the main organs of the body v) care of allergies.
  2. Understand general public health measures which include water treatment and immunization.
  3. Explain the value of exercise.
  4. Participate in and show ability in an individual or team sport.
  5. Demonstrate basic fitness level in five different exercise areas:
    1. push-ups (5)
    2. shuttle run (14 sec.)
    3. partial curl-ups (17)
    4. standing long jump (1.35 m)
    5. 50m run (10 sec.)
    6. endurance run (1600 m 10 min, 15 sec)
  6. Show successful participation in an appropriate Physical Fitness program.

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