Winter Cubbing Badge


Winter adds a new dimension to outdoor activities. Cubs develop basic knowledge and skills to help them safely enjoy the outdoors during the winter.1


To earn the Winter Cubbing Badge, complete the following requirements:

  1. Describe how to prevent and treat:
    • (a) Frost-bite
    • (b) Skin on cold metal
    • (c) Snow blindness
    • (d) Breaking through ice
    • (e) Hypothermia
  2. Show that you are properly dressed for a winter outing or describe how to dress for winter weather. Know the importance of staying dry.
  3. Recognize and identify in winter conditions three common birds and three common trees or shrubs.
  4. Point out the North Star and three night sky features, such as stars, constellations, and planets.
  5. Take part in two of the following:
    • (a) a winter camp
    • (b) a winter hike
    • (c) two winter outdoor meetings
    • (d) lighting a fire and cooking a simple meal under winter conditions
    • (e) a hike on snowshoes or skis
    • (f) an ice fishing trip

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Program Suggestions

  • The Cub Book, pages 106-107.

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